How does our alibaba clone elite work

Here is step by step guide 


  1. Buyer Registration : Simple start registration with manidirty details and verification with email or otp.
  2. Find products and suppliers : search products and suppliers for inquiry or you can also post your Request For Quotation and the vendor will automatically contact you.
  3. Ordering : Select product in bulk with attribute size, colour etc and submit request to vendor. 


  1. Vendor registration : Start with simple registration with free and subscription paid packages, add manidirty details like company name, business category and location etc. then submit, verify with email or OTP and then upload company documents for admin approval.
  2. Company Profile: After approval seller can set up their company with their subdomain store name URL
  3. Add product : vendors can add unlimited products according to the subscription package.
  4. bulk sale : Vendors can sell in bulk on the basis of enquiry.

For more information to visit product website and share your feedback.

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